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Sleep Is Vital
Good Sleep Is Essential

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With SilentNight Luxury Mattresses and Pillows, now you can sleep in comfort. Up to one third of our life is spent sleeping. That’s a lot of time lying on a mattress, so if it’s the wrong mattress it can adversely affect your health. In other words you can develop health issues if your mattress doesn’t support you well enough while you sleep.

At Silentnight, our luxury mattresses, thankfully, are designed to give your body the best support while you sleep and they are built to last for up to 20 years. No aches! No body pains! No loss of sleep! Wake up refreshed, in good health and ready to face the world!

We Produce The Best Quality Products
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Sleep In Comfort

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Super Comfort

Silentnight’s luxury ‘pillow top’ mattresses are made of multiple layers of American memory foam. This unique material contours to your body shape and distributes your weight evenly over its surface to eliminate pressure points caused by heavier areas such as the hips and shoulders.

Underneath the layers of foam is a cluster of pocket springs seated on quilted foam, giving it a firm support that helps to maintain proper posture while sleeping.

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Multiple Health Benefits

Silentnight Luxury Mattresses and Pillows are made from organic, non toxic materials which are great for your skin, allowing you to look youthful and well rested after sleeping. 

They provide protection from dust mite allergens and are hypoallergenic making them a good option for people with allergies, eczema and asthma. 

They are breathable and ensure a sound sleep throughout the night even for people with insomnia and other sleep issues.

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Great Value For Money

Every element of Silentnight Luxury Mattresses and Pillows is intentionally designed to offer a look and feel much better than what lower quality mattresses can offer you.

Our products are made to last with high quality materials and superb craftsmanship.

Luxury mattresses are a treat that you will enjoy for years to come, so it makes sense to invest in our timeless products which will serve you well through the years and ensure that you always sleep in comfort.

What Our Customers Say About
SilentNight Luxury Mattresses and Pillows

I used to suffer from regular back pain and because of this I tried all kinds of mattresses. I have had the most comfortable rest and sleep since using the Silentnight Sleep In Comfort mattress on my bed. I also no longer have the back pains that I used to have. I would personally recommend the mattress to anyone who recognises the value of consistently high quality rest.
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Obaa Yaa
East Airport, Accra
I find Silentnight orthopaedic plush pillows provide great comfort and support, just as they say. I recommend that you try them.
Tse Addo, Accra
I wake up early each day so the quality of my sleep is essential. The Silentnight mattress has been great in meeting my needs. In fact when I'm not sleeping, I sometimes opt to lie on my bed and read because of the level of comfort and back support the mattress provides.
Preg pillow white
Adabraka, Accra

Our Products

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Luxury Mattresses

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Plush Pillows

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Back And Belly Pillows

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Quality Bedsheets

Luxury Mattresses

Silentnight’s orthopaedic mattresses come with a luxury pillow top design which is built to support your joints, back and overall body, providing the necessary support to maintain proper posture for a good night’s sleep.

Double mattress

Double Mattress

Size: 54 inches x 75 inches

GHS 5,700

Queen size mattress

Queen Size Mattress

Size: 72 inches x 75 inches

GHS 6,950

King size mattress

King Size Mattress

Size: 84 inches x 75 inches

GHS 7,000

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Plush Pillows

Our Silentnight pillows are designed to provide exceptional support and unparalleled comfort.

The ULTRA SOFT PILLOWS are filled with a combination of memory foam, temperature sensitive foam and non-allergenic material to guarantee you a very restful sleep.

Our orthopedic SUPPORT PILLOWS help to keep your head in ‘neutral alignment,’ meaning your head sits squarely on your shoulders without bending back too far or reaching too far forward. This not only ensures a good night’s sleep but also puts you in great shape.

Pillow 3

Ultra Soft Pillow

GHS 200

Pillow 1

Plush Support Pillow

GHS 200

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Back, Belly and Pregnancy Pillows

This unique Silentnight pillow helps to align your hips, neck, shoulders and back for optimal comfort. It assists you to sleep in more therapeutic positions while supporting your legs, belly, back and neck allowing your muscles to relax completely, increasing circulation.

Our exquisite pillow is specially crafted for senior folks, people recovering from an operation, athletes, people with sleep disorders and body pain (spinal strain, leg, hip and shoulder strain).

This special pillow is also perfect for the expectant mother and the new mother. It provides relief and stable support for her legs, stomach and a stressed back, while making it easy to change sleeping positions. It encourages the mother to sleep in the best position for herself and her baby and gently prevents her from rolling on  her back during sleep, which can restrict blood flow to her body.

The pillow also gives the nursing mother real comfort for baby feeding. It safely moulds to the baby’s body, providing less strain on the mother’s neck and shoulder, and also giving amazing back support for a relaxed feeding and cuddling time.

Preg pillow pink

Back and Belly Pillow

Also available in other colours

GHS 550

Preg pillow green

Back and Belly Pillow

Also available in other colours

GHS 550

Preg pillow brown

Back and Belly Pillow

Also available in other colours

GHS 550

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Silentnight’s 300 thread count high quality bedsheets and duvet covers are guaranteed to stay crisp and smooth, leaving your skin feeling pampered and refreshed, morning after morning.

Bedsheets pic 3

Double Bedsheet

1 x Flat Sheet 87" x102"
1 x Fitted Sheet 54" x 75"
2 x Pillowcase


Bedsheets pic 5

Queen Size (US) Bedsheet

1 x Flat Sheet 92" x 108"
1 x Fitted Sheet 60" x 80"
2 x Pillowcase


Bedsheets pic 4

King Size (US) Bedsheet

1 x Flat Sheet 110" x 114"
1 x Fitted Sheet 73" x 80"
2 x Pillowcase


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